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  • More use of local curettage or excision, such as bone removal is generally not able to complete relapse to the good after

    Second malignancies

    There are still many difficulties in treatment in recent years, despite the efficacy of so-called integrated approach to improved but still far from satisfactory in the “save lives, to maximize the retention of limb function” principle, people actively seeking more effective methods

    Surgical excision is the primary means of treatment of joint disarticulation amputation is the most common method but because of advances in chemotherapy for tumors in recent years, some researchers began to resection (Enbolc resetion) or total femur resection with prosthetic replacement of artificial recently reported better However, poor long-term effect is still lower for malignant tumors such as fibrosarcoma body to keep “local wide excision of functional reconstruction,” combined with chemotherapy and other measures is a desirable method to the joint as a replacement material for the body part of the problem author believes that “healing was satisfactory,” but some patients showed a larger study have yet to overcome rejection
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  • The completion of the final diagnosis of bone cancer depends on histologic examination is usually regular biopsy tissue biopsy for experienced doctors who need to ensure that the organization received a diagnosis of incision should be designed to accommodate a minimum follow-up surgery to reduce the proliferation of tumor cells and the pollution of the adjacent normal tissue biopsy must not be considered as minor and lightly drawn from the necrotic area should avoid taking more than a few parts of the outer part of the multi-tumor reaction zone is sometimes not enough to make a positive diagnosis, but pathologic examination has its limitations Myositis ossificans of fatigue fracture as easily misdiagnosed as osteosarcoma; hyperparathyroidism, brown tumors when misdiagnosed as giant cell tumor; cartilage is difficult to distinguish benign from malignant tumors, etc.
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  • X-ray examination of bone tumors is not clearly sick of the scope and nature of the decision to treat type of approach can provide valuable contact information is important to bone cancer before the examination methods Dora

    However, only the X-ray projection of bone tumor bone tumor X-ray findings are not constant enthusiasm with special needs to be closely integrated clinical and pathological diagnosis of previous efforts to make accurate

    Morphology of benign bone tumor and surrounding normal rules of good bone demarcated the boundary edge experts to harden due to expansion of cortical bone thinning but still maintain the integrity of malignant periosteal reaction irregular edge of the blurred image of the heart of the phenomenon of bone resorption over the local consultation unclear lack of significant destruction of bone fracture thin periosteal reaction of primary malignant tumors often appear in shape to radial onion skin was like the sun and the Codman triangle

    X-ray film speed for the doctors to provide information on cancer incidence during the four experts:

    (A) the location of bone tumors such as tumors can also be located in the dry epiphyseal epiphyseal end of long bones can also be located in the flat bone; young epiphysis occurring human tumor should first consider the response of chondroblastoma and adults, the Ministry of the epiphyseal tumor clearly should be considered as a giant cell tumor of bone

    (B) of the tumor affects the host bone boundary between tumor and host bone is to determine whether the invasive nature of the primary factor in lesion borders clearly settled that slow tumor growth and invasion of weak fuzzy boundaries were the contrary it indicates that strong tumor-infiltrating

    (C) of the host response of tumor hosts are always trying to destroy the tumor to the formation of fibrous tissue capsule wrapped rapid growth of the tumor infiltration and destruction that they can respond only in the tumors of bone capsule and one end or both ends to see This detail about the remnants of the envelope usually presents Codman triangle

    (D) the density of tumor tissue imaging of bone density changes in a smile can be any doubt that the organization become sick, some tumors were diagnosed osteolytic lesions such as giant cell tumor of bone and some sexually transmitted diseases to become irregular bone snowflake shaped like osteosarcoma or chondrosarcoma

    Occurred in the pelvis where the spine and other parts of the tumor can not be an ordinary X-ray films of the period when the CT scan showed a good B-MRIECT about other new imaging technology can help ascertain the location and extent of the tumor

    Bone X-ray scan can not in general have shown positive changes that the primary presence of secondary bone tumors should be selective for suspicious technetium bone scan, etc.

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  • (A) pain is a very major bone tumor symptoms can alleviate a lot of detailed comments after the break due to external stimulation to reduce pain and increase the evaluation of night, especially night pain of malignant bone tumor is obviously still hurt even more services, and clinical inflammatory diseases and trauma caused by The main difference between pain and sick

    (B) mass as is often manifested in abnormal limb or trunk tumor sites should pay attention to the size of uplift of the local temperature of the surface texture of the nature of the border with or without tenderness, pain activity and growth rate
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  • Diagnosis of bone tumors most of the more complicated there are some children who ignores the difficulties sometimes known as different tumors can have similar bone-like performance of malignant transformation can occur in benign bone tumors; some orthopedic bone histological examination showed that the differentiation of benign but the clinical performance of the authority highly malignant lung metastasis is often the lack of early stage disease before there are clinical or pathologic findings with the X-bone tumor bone tumor is similar to the general kindness of Dora the clinical diagnosis must be emphasized that around three X-ray and pathological unfamiliar with comprehensive medical treatment the responsibility of making the correct diagnosis can be life-saving diagnosis of human benevolence in the course of a few should pay attention to distinguish between the attitude of: ① bone tumor bone tumor and non-pathogenic changes; ② benign bone tumor and malignant bone tumors; ③ primary bone tumor and peripheral metastatic tumors of five

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  • In the past the naming of a car accident on the bone tumor tissue and other aspects of classification and compare the views of the World Health Organization daughter of confusion (WHO) decided purely based on the criteria that is based on the histological differentiation of tumor cells produced by cell type and the type of material where the classification type does not meet the specifications thereof are undifferentiated category classification of the purpose of effectively predict the biological behavior of the tumor on Thursday introduced for clinical treatment so the above provide the basis for classification, though not entirely reasonable nevertheless currently the most common one species are presented throughout as follows:

    Primary tumors and tumor-like lesions Histological classification:

    An osteogenic tumor

    (A) of the benign

    Osteoma (Osteoma)

    Osteoid osteoma and osteoblastoma (Osteoid Osteoma and Osteoblastoma)

    (B) malignant

    Osteosarcoma (Osteosarcoma)

    Cortex adjacent to osteosarcoma (Juxtacortical osteosarcoma)
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  • Cause of bone tumors has not known very far past that is chronic back injury in particular, chronic drug test minor damage can be caused by infection of the experimental study of bone cancer in recent years, such as Fujinaga has used Harvey and Moloney sarcoma virus into a large number of mouse osteosarcoma model of reading Finkel has used different types of isotopes and the virus is also made of animal models of human osteosarcoma by strontium and other radioactive substances such as radium made of animal models of osteosarcoma character of these diseases caused by many factors have scholars recognized next month male bone tumor age ~ ~ what year women may be associated with different sex aged bone growth and endocrine development time and no sooner or later, how long

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  • Bone tumors are malignant tumors that occur in the next month the main bone osteosarcoma fibrosarcoma Chondrosarcoma Chordoma with multiple myeloma and other bone tumors reticular cell sarcoma of the parents there are symptoms and signs of anemia, fatigue, director of malnutrition and cachexia local pain and tenderness were the most common tumors can occur simultaneously or be asked to start Sunday was intermittent dull pain followed by a slight persistent pain becomes palpable superficial parts of bone and soft tissue swelling deformation of mass phenomena of the skin tight shiny dark red skin formation of large short-term temperature increase of mass dysfunction, skeletal deformities and pathologic fractures

    Modern medicine for the cause of bone tumors from the poor have not yet broadly summarized as a clear body with the surrounding environment, the role of accommodating a variety of factors such as the quality of the precious doctrine of genes (genetic) theory of trauma theory and other viruses of Chemical Physics

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  • The results show that:
    ① cancer can not be in the form of human alkaline;
    ② cancer only in the formation of acid in the body;
    ③ If you have cancer, that the body is acidic;
    ④ cancer only in an acidic body extension;
    ⑤ If your body is weak alkaline, cancer can not be extended;
    ⑥ If you can balance the PH value of your body so your body into weak alkaline, no matter what you have to change and cancer has been cured;
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  • The main symptoms are genital nodular and mass. Often accompanied by pain or itching history. Some patients showed genital ulcers, prolonged unhealed, late purulent or bloody discharge patients have increased, dysuria and other discomfort.

    Clinical stage, sternum cancer can be divided into four phases in clinical.

    Phase Ⅰ: All lesions confined to the vulva, the maximum diameter of 2 cm or 2 cm below the inguinal lymph node metastasis suspicious.

    Phase Ⅱ: All lesions confined to the vulva, the maximum diameter of more than 2 cm, suspicious inguinal lymph node metastasis.

    Phase Ⅲ: The lesions over the vulva, inguinal lymph node metastasis or metastasis suspicious.
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